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Highway Shikanji Masala Powder | 100% Natural | 100g

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What if you get a delicious shikanji in chilled Lemon Soda Water with India's Best Shikanji Masala Powder in the scorching heat?

But it is tough to find the right ingredients to make a good shikanji.

That’s where Rooted Peepul Shikanji Masala Powder comes in. Our masala powder is a perfect blend of 100% Natural 11 Finest Spices that gives your shikanji a lip-smacking taste.

Plus, it’s easy to use – just add 1/2 - 3/4 tsp of powder to each glass of lemon juice and water. Order your Shikanji Masala online today and start enjoying this delicious summer drink!

Beat the heat with our flavourful highway shikanji masala. It's the oldest and most interestingly easy combination to soothe you through the summer and helps the body in fighting heat and indigestion.

The famous highway-style lemonade is now brought at home. It's healthy, pure and without any additives.

Why Rooted Peepul Shikanji Masala Powder?

  • Lip Smacking Taste
  • No Citric Acid, No Preservatives, No Artificial Colour or Flavours
  • Promise Of Purity with 100% Natural Spices
  • Plastic-Free Packaging

 Shelf Life: 365 days; Ingredient Type: Vegetarian 


Cumin, Green Cardamom, Black Pepper, Ginger Powder, Amchur, Coriander, Mint, Himalayan Pink Salt, Black Salt, Ceylon Cinnamon Powder


Nutritional Info (Per 100 Gms):

  • Energy: 147.3kcal
  • Carbs: 18.4g
  • Fat: 5g
  • Protein: 1.9g
  • Sugar: 0.8g


What is Shikanji masala made of?

It is made by blending wholesome spices such as Cumin, Green Cardamom, Black Pepper, Ginger Powder, Amchur, Coriander, Mint, Himalayan Pink Salt, Black Salt, Ceylon Cinnamon etc.

What is the use of shikanji?

Shikanji has many health advantages, including improved digestion.
It functions as an antioxidant. Lemon's alkaline nature shields the cells from oxidation due to its high vitamin C content.  It keeps the body hydrated and cool.

Is shikanji good for stomach? 

The shikanji masala blend contains the digestive-friendly spices ginger, cumin, and pepper in addition to having other qualities that can improve digestion. A powerhouse of nutrients is shikanji. Lemons are alkaline and high in vitamin C, which shields cells from oxidation.

Is shikanji good for weight loss?

Lemon contains a lot of pectin fibre, which makes you feel fuller for longer and can aid in weight loss. Shikanji masala also contains some weight-loss-friendly spices.

Does lemon water help acid reflux?

However lemon juice is acidic, it can have an alkalizing effect when consumed in little amounts when added to the water. This can assist in balancing the stomach acid. One tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice should be combined with eight ounces of water if you choose to use this home remedy.

Is masala lemonade good for health?

Masala Lemonade is one such refreshing summer drink that is not only delicious but also the spices used in it also improves digestive system, boost immunity due to vitamin C. 



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