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Premium Indian Spices - Freshest, Cleanest, and Most Aromatic Spices

Looking for the best place to buy premium spices online? Look no further than Rooted Peepul! We bring the best of them to your doorstep. Our chemical free spices are hand-selected and freshly stone-grounded to give you the most flavorful experience ever!

Why Rooted Peepul?

  • ✔ Less Chilli More Spices
  • ✔ No Colour or Preservatives
  • ✔ Plastic-Free Packaging
  • ✔ Stone-Grounded

Our History - A LITTLE STORY

Putting healthy eating at the forefront of urban lifestyle while caring for people and planet alike.

What can be better than the joy of touching that perfect horizon of Health and Taste. The ‘quest for purity’ and its amalgamation with the ‘satisfaction of taste buds’ are the driving forces behind Rooted Peepul.

The vision and the process behind Rooted Peepul has been simple: Keep going back to the drawing board, or in our case the kitchen, till the time we are not fully satisfied with each and every aspect of our various heathy lattes, spices and spice mixes we are selling.

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What They're Saying


This IS a truly ‘naturally good’ product ! ONE can taste the authentic spiced turmeric AND there’s NO acidic OR artificial flavour neither IS it sweetened, apt FOR diabetics AND diet conscious ppl too..


Lovely product. Very tasty AND my kid loves it. Winter IS coming AND the little ONE was waking WITH sniffles. 5 nights drinking this BEFORE SLEEP AND waking up EVERY morning fresh WITH NO more sniffle.

Kaajari Tiwari

Writing AFTER 3 weeks of use. The product IS very well balanced WITH RIGHT amount of spices. Has become part of my daily diet.Ideal FOR this TIME WHEN immunity needs TO be high. The glass jar keeps it.

Angad Singh

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