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About Us

Our Vision

Putting healthy eating at the forefront of urban lifestyle while caring for people and the planet alike

This Is Us

What can be better than the joy of touching that perfect horizon of Health and Taste? The ‘quest for purity and its amalgamation with the ‘satisfaction of taste buds’ are the driving forces behind Rooted Peepul.

The vision and the process behind Rooted Peepul has been simple: Keep going back to the drawing board, or in our case the kitchen, till the time we are not fully satisfied with every aspect of our various healthy lattes, spices and spice mix we are selling.

The Team

We are a group of food-loving, crazy people, held together by a unique bond of Magic: the Magic of Spices, flavors, and food.

Sheeza Kazmi


Our R&D team is our star. Sheeza Kazmi heads the R&D and she and her team lives, Breath and sleep spices. It’s a 24/7 process for Sheeza. Her 20+ years of experience in Advertising, Media, Events, and Entrepreneurship helps her in knowing the pulse of the Customers. Just like her ad and digital campaigns, all things that come out of Rooted Peepul’s brand are creative, rooted, and spicy. It’s her soul and spirit that everyone else in Rooted Peepul embodies.

Bhavesh Bhatia


The last six years of Bhavesh’s entrepreneurial journey have been learning and running a successful food business, managing cloud kitchens, and providing consultancy to food startups. For the initial 12 years of his carrier, Bhavesh was working with big corporates in India and Abroad. Finally, he decided to get independent and started his entrepreneurship in the one industry he has been most passionate about Food. Numbers and digits being his Best Friends, Bhavesh has always been a finance guy. His firm grip on Operations and Processes makes him the Perfect backbone Rooted Peepul can have.

Kapil Pandey


With more than 20 years of experience in media and television, Kapil Pandey finally gets the time to venture onto his other love, food. This is his labor of Love. He is the brain behind a lot of decisions taken by heart, keeping a perfect balance, giving a perfect platform for Rooted Peepul to Operate. Making strategies, taking decisions, or simply working as a spare tire in every department, he does it all to keep the wheel moving.