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Benifits of Preservative Free Food


Preservative-free food refers to edible products that do not contain any artificial or synthetic chemical substances added to extend their shelf life or prevent spoilage. Such food items are typically perishable and have a shorter shelf life compared to those with preservatives. The use of preservatives in food is quite a common practice to increase its shelf life, but now a days lot of health conscious and aware people prefer to consume preservative-free food for health or personal reasons.


Preservative-free foods offer several benefits, including:

  1. Fresh taste: Foods without preservatives mostly have a fresher and more natural taste. The flavours are pure and authentic.
  2. Healthier ingredients: Preservative-free foods typically contain fewer artificial ingredients, allowing for a healthier diet.
  3. Better for people with allergies: People with allergies or sensitivities to preservatives can benefit from eating preservative-free foods.
  4. Reduced exposure to chemicals: Eating preservative-free foods reduces exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.
  5. Support for local businesses: Purchasing preservative-free foods from local farmers and producers supports the local economy and reduces the environmental impact of transportation.
  6. Improved food safety: Without preservatives, perishable foods have a shorter shelf life and must be handled and stored properly, reducing the risk of foodborne illness. For spice blends that are preservative free, traditional dry roasting of high quality and farm fresh spices are required.
  7. Increased nutrient value: Fresh foods without preservatives are often higher in essential vitamins and minerals.

It's important to note that preservatives can have a role in food safety and stability, but some people choose to limit or avoid them for personal or health reasons.